A prominent provider of manned security services in Dubai

Elite Shield Security, Dubai’s Premier Manned Guarding Company, brings over two decades of excellence to the industry. Committed to delivering top-tier integrated security management services, we cater to diverse sectors in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

With a rapidly growing economy and a diverse population, Dubai faces unique security challenges that necessitate the presence of trained security personnel. Manned guarding involves deploying skilled security professionals to physically patrol and monitor designated areas, providing a visible deterrent to potential threats. These guards are not only equipped to respond swiftly to security breaches but also contribute to the overall peace of mind for residents, businesses, and visitors. The strategic placement of manned guards is particularly crucial in safeguarding key infrastructure, residential communities, commercial centers, and high-profile events.

Onsite Security Excellence

Our seasoned and SIRA-trained security officers provide round-the-clock protection for commercial and residential facilities, ensuring a safe environment with a proactive and vigilant approach.

Expert Mobile Patrolling Services

Addressing modern security challenges, our mobile patrolling services offer a customized and proactive response to risks for vacant properties, construction sites, and more. SIRA-certified professionals conduct thorough inspections and swift alarm responses.

Cost-Effective Security Solutions

Elite Shield Security offers 24/7/365 mobile patrolling services, ensuring comprehensive coverage in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Our cost-effective solutions include property inspections, alarm response, and efficient reporting and liaison with emergency services.

Reception Security Excellence

Tailored to the unique needs of corporate facilities and residential buildings, our reception security services guarantee a secure and welcoming environment. Our guards, selected for their skills and expertise, manage access control systems, welcome visitors, and ensure a smooth check-in process.

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Why Choose Elite Shield Security?

Trained & Certified Professionals: Our security guards undergo rigorous SIRA training, complemented by continuous in-house and on-the-job training.

Tailored Security Solutions: Collaborating closely with clients, we create customized security plans that align with objectives and budget.

Technology Integration: Utilizing advanced CCTV systems, access management solutions, alarm systems, incident management, and GPS tracking software.

Proactive Approach: Our officers are trained to industry-leading standards in identifying risks and taking proactive measures to prevent incidents.

24/7 Customer Support: Elite Shield Security provides clients with round-the-clock support through a dedicated management team, ensuring seamless coordination and swift response times.

“Choose Elite Shield Security for comprehensive, reliable, and cutting-edge security solutions in Dubai and beyond.”