Managing Director

Over the past ten years, ESS Services has been dedicated to delivering top-notch security solutions to a variety of markets in Dubai. Starting with a small team, we are now a team of over 200 people, experiencing consistent expansion and long-term success. Our remarkable growth reflects the unwavering commitment of our leadership team to providing excellent security solutions and exceptional customer service.

At ESS Services, the safety and security of our clients, communities and their assets are our top-most priority. We strive meticulously to demonstrate excellence by operating at the highest level of security standards and consistently delivering quality results for our clients.

Delivering quality safety and spreading politeness are the main keys to success of our company. We are proud that our processes meet SIRA’s gold standards of security in Dubai. We’re excited about expanding our security team, envisioning a future where it grows even bigger. Join us as we work together to enhance safety and provide top-notch security services.

In Dubai, our services stand out for their unmatched range and quality. We have an unrivaled reputation for successfully deploying solutions. We take pride in our professionalism, reliability, and delivering high-quality customer service.

Dheeraj Kumar
Managing Director