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There is no one-size-fits-all formula to measure the capabilities of security companies in Dubai right off the bat. You can’t rely on a startup security guard company in UAE nor can you easily hand over yourself with all crucial possessions, family, and freedom to a mid-level security company without ticking all the boxes of credibility, reliability, authenticity, and professional surveillance.

ESS Service reveals the top ten qualities of an authentic Dubai security guard company in Dubai and across the UAE. And, ESS Services does prove all six qualities for the best security service experience for its customers:

There is no one-size-fits-all formula to measure the capabilities of security companies in Dubai right off the bat. You can’t rely on a startup security guard company in UAE nor can you easily hand over yourself with all crucial possessions, family, and freedom to a mid-level security company without ticking all the boxes of credibility, reliability, authenticity, and professional surveillance.

ESS Service reveals the top ten qualities of an authentic Dubai security guard company in Dubai and across the UAE. And, ESS Services does prove all six qualities for the best security service experience for its customers:

1. Customized Solutions
Solving a security problem either for a business or a residential area is like solving a jigsaw puzzle where you need to have improved visual-spatial reasoning, great attention-to-details, and strong working memory to assemble the right pieces to form the right image creatively & productively.

The ability of a Dubai security company to build customized solutions is the most crucial thing you should bear in mind because it is most likely solving a jigsaw puzzle of fail-proof security for clients. There are many factors involved in building customized safety solutions by a security company like how promptly they address & respond to emergencies & threats, flawless monitoring of entry & exit points, and full knowledge of surroundings to prevent any incident. Because generic solutions might disappoint you with security vulnerabilities. 

Before drafting a blueprint for customized solutions; authentic security services consider the following critical things:

  1. Familiarity with location
  2. Security Levels
  3. Implementation of safety measures

Strategizing and building a customized security plan is a two-way street because this process involves both a security service & a client – a security company should ensure flawless & dedicated services to earn trust & respect, whereas, a client should be transparent and collaborative in making a decisive and concrete security plan. 

2. Advanced Technology
Picking a security company with cutting-edge technology is crucial. High-tech video cams and access control systems make handling threats easier. Access to advanced technology by a trusted Dubai security company is inevitable. Because, a security company equipped with cutting-edge technologies like hi-end CCTV cameras and access control systems can quickly handle vandalism, theft, and unauthorized access. 

If you’re preoccupied with a question: Why should a security company be equipped with modern tools?

Then, don’t fret; ESS Services is the most authentic voice to answer with rational reasons because it is one of the top 10 security companies in Dubai enabling top-notch security service by integrating highly effective & hi-end security tools.

Here is a catch – while hiring a Dubai security company, make sure that it coordinates clearly for the following:

  • Enables real-time access to confidential info for authorized users only.
  • Delivers reports about job dispatches & shift schedules.
  • Allows clients to access timesheets & work hours.
  • Improves regular operation for clients’ satisfaction
  • Shares important documents with clients such as paperwork & checklists
  • Enables employee’s training program weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

3. Skills and Experience
Running a security company is not like a walk-in-the-park because the safety and protection of people and property become a top responsibility of a security service. Therefore, to excel in the security business; a Dubai security guard company should be professional, responsible, and resourceful enough to walk-the-talk.

A security service should have experienced, skilled, mentally, and physically agile employees to ensure immediate action in events like fire outbreaks, medical emergencies, and any security breach to ensure the safety of people on-site from any major threats.

Experience & skills are indispensable for a Dubai security company to safeguard its customers. In fact, it can be possible if a security service has both expert & skilled employees. Their past experience of handling chaos in a time of emergency and sudden outbreak can come in handy to facilitate clients.

An extensive experience combined with skills can help a security guard company strategize impeccably for the success of a security plan. A team of professional security guards can deal easily with complex security protocols, they can keep abreast of evolving security standards, needs, and changes in the security industry.

Security agencies in the UAE should educate their employees through a variety of training programs to reshape their mental, physical, and professional strengths. This will enable the development of effective customized security solutions to overcome safety challenges in all types of situations. Also, it can be utilized as a trust-building strategy to win customers’ confidence so they could hire right away.

4. Rapid Response

A rapid response is what makes a security company stand out among the top 10 security companies in Dubai. At Elite Shield Security Services, we have a proven track of responding rapidly in a crunch time where we have protected lives, properties, and assets. We believe rapid response helps manage possible threats and worsening of important events.
Rapid response benefits a Dubai security company in three most practical ways:

  1. A security service can stay within rules and guidelines.
  2. It establishes a good reputation for a security guard company in Dubai and across the UAE.
  3. People begin to trust you more for your capabilities of rapid response.

Hence, a company offering security guards for hire for buildings, businesses, and different events should embrace “rapid response” for one particular reason – it enforces routine inspections and patrolling to keep a premise or an area safe from impending dangers.

5. Abidance to Laws & Rules
It is a must for a Dubai security company to abide by all laws & rules to conduct its business practices through the use of legit practices because a security service that goes by the book and implements the right ways showcases its seriousness to the clients and other stakeholders such as law enforcement agencies and government.
ESS Services gives special attention to abiding by laws and rules because it helps us in preventing legal issues in the short and long run.

Needless to say – following rules and laws put confidence in a security company to serve clients with unlimited freedom and top-notch professionalism.

6. Good Communication Skills
A security company in UAE should be highly proficient in communication skills.

Why is it so?
Good communication skills open doors for transparency, professionalism, and the best security services to end-users.
A Dubai security guard company should leverage animated communication to enjoy the following advantages:

  1. It boosts collaboration
  2. It enables mutual understanding & harmony
  3. it builds initiative responses

Effective communication enables a security guard company in Dubai to process and analyze particular security needs of clients with ease to customize a reliable and strong security roadmap.


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Invest in ESSServices Dubai For The Peace of Mind | Our Services

ESS Services is a premier Dubai security guard company helping its clients with diverse security services. Whether you want manned security to stay safe & secure while enjoying comfort of your home or want to boost safety of your business premises and important assets with trained security professionals – ESS Services Dubai has got you covered.

Let’s partner with the best Dubai Security company and have peace of mind 24/7. Following are our security services:

  • 24/7 services
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Fully trained, vetted & SIRA licensed staff
  • Authorized security services provider

1. Manned Guarding:
Enhance your safety measures with manned guarding by ESS Services. Our highly trained, professional and attentive security guards enforce order and discipline. They prevent unauthorized access to high-value business assets, premises, and residential complexes.

Benefits of availing manned guarding by ESS Services:

  • Manned guarding overnight deters criminals, vandals, thieves, and burglars from committing an offense.
  • During daytime, security guards ensure safety of people and property during a busy period.
  • Trained manned guarding personnel ensure site-specific health & safety SOPs as they fully understand that health and safety rules should be practiced by everyone on premises. Manned security comes handy in handling guests and visitors who might not be aware of specific rules at your premise.
  • Manned security is very effective in dealing with emergency services. So apart from safeguarding a building, shops, business premises; security guards can liaise with emergency response services for different purposes like information-sharing in events like fire outbreak, accident, etc.
  • At this point, manned guarding professionals help ensure a peaceful environment by managing and de-escalating conflicts. Manned guarding specialists at ESS Services deploy their crowd management expertise to de-escalate conflicts and altercations in heavily busy places such as hospitals and events venues. 

Places where you need manned guarding:

  • Business Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Retails Shops
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Residential Buildings
  • Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Sports Complexes
  • Event Venues

2. General Security Services:
ESS Services is an all-inclusive Dubai security company catering security & safety needs across the UAE. Likewise, we always welcome customers to fulfill all their needs related to general security services for full protection of businesses, properties, and public.

General security services by ESS Services entail the followings:
a) Physical Security
b) Surveillance
c) Access Control
d) Risk Assessment
e) Emergency Response Planning
Examples of General Security Services:

  1. Security Guard Services: Security guards are stationed at building entrances & they routinely  patrol the property to ensure the safety of businesses, property, and clients. They can be armed or unarmed.
  2. Asset Protection/ Services: officials oversee customer behaviors to prevent shoplifting, employee theft, and credit card thefts. They investigate incidents at shopping malls, retail stories, and food chains to enhance customer experience for their clients.  
  3. Receptionist Guard: They are deployed inside corporate offices, businesses, and events. They greet visitors and people and monitor cameras and security systems.
  4. Warehouse Security Guards: They play a crucial role at distribution facilities and warehouses. They handle inventory protection, access to goods and keep risks of theft to zero inside a warehouse
  5. In-House Security Guards: ESS Services enable clients to employ our in-house security guards to integrate them with their staff for maximum safety and order. Mainly, they are deployed at places like banks, hotels, hospitals, and medical facilities.

3. Event Security Services:
Events security services by ESS Services help maintain lively ambiance in any event by deterring any unfavorable incident such as overcrowding, panic situation. Event security specialists utilize crowd control techniques and conflict resolution tactics to prevent any disruption and chaos.

Benefits of Event Security Services:

  1. Professional event security personnel have expertise in identifying threats and proactive prevention to avoid any security breaches.
  2. Event security team assists and guides attendees with event information, direction, and general support to create a positive experience for attendees.    
  3. . Event security companies protect assets and equipment from theft and damage for the success of an event.
  4. Event security professionals make safe zones for performers, special guests, and VIPs for their safety so that they could perform with freedom and without any safety concerns. 
  5. Event security specialists are trained to control and manage big crowds for smoother flow of attendees throughout the event.

Places Where Event Security Services are Needed:

  • Music Festivals & Concerts
  • Weddings & Private Parties
  • Sporting Events
  • Gala & Corporate Meetings
  • Trade Shows & Conferences
  • Festivals & Public Gatherings
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Dignitary Visits
  • Red Carpet Events & Movie Premieres
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Construction Sites

4. Traffic Management Marshalls
ESS Services offers traffic management marshall services to clients at their sites for overseeing the movement of vehicles on different sites.
Traffic Marshalls are also called “Banksman” or “Traffic Controllers” have to fulfill following responsibilities to ensure coordination of traffic for keeping construction sites & workers well-protected & safe from any physical damage and threat:

  • They ensure enforcement of safety regulation such as proper use of safety equipment by workers and proper movement of vehicles and machinery.
  • Traffic marshalls collaborate closely with construction teams, site staff, and delivery personnel. Mainly, they are responsible for coordinating with project managers & site supervisors for full enforcement of traffic management plans.
  • Traffic management marshalls use communication devices, signs and hand signals to direct movement of vehicles through and toward designated routes. This activity helps minimize delays & accidents.

Places Where Traffic Management Marshalls Are Needed:

  • Construction Sites
  • Roadworks and Highways
  • Retail Centers and Parking Lots
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers
  • Events and Festivals
  • Airports and Ports
  • Industrial Plants and Factories

5. Lifeguard Services
ESS Services ensures safety of swimmers and water sports enthusiasts with its highly affordable & professional lifeguard services in water parks, swimming pools, beaches, rivers, and lakes. They actively monitor people in an aquatic environment to prevent fatal drowning.

Responsibilities of Lifeguard Services by ESS Services:

  1. Lifeguards by ESS Services keep on swimmers to spot any signs of unsafe behavior and potential hazards.
  2. Lifeguard services enforce strict safety guidelines & rules to avoid any emergencies.
  3. Lifeguards coordinate with paramedics (if needed).
  4. Professional lifeguards are responsible for inspecting life-saving equipments like first-aid kits, life jackets, etc.

Places where Lifeguard Services are Needed:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Water Parks
  • Beaches
  • Rivers
  • Lakes

6. Risk Assessment Security Consulting 
ESS Services: A trusted company in Dubai for risk assessment security consulting, helps deliver the customized & specialized safety & security solutions to fulfill the safety needs of customers across the UAE.

We are among top 10 security companies in Dubai helping clients surefire solutions of failproof security through the use of deep analysis of safety vulnerabilities, development of the best policies to prevent threats & accidents, flawless evaluation of risk management strategies.

Following are the responsibilities For Risk Assessment Security Consulting by ESS Services:

  • We identify critical vulnerabilities by creating a risk profile of assets, businesses, premises, and residential complexes.
  • Security experts at ESS Services prioritize security risks for clients for timely prevention of accidents.
  • We suggest key resources to clients for mitigating potential risks.
  • We implement processes in collaboration with clients to minimize threats and possibilities of security breaches.
  • We recommend improvements to clients related to existing security systems.

7. CCTV Operators:
ESS Services is a premier CCTV Operators provider in Dubai with extensive experience and a proven track record. They offer comprehensive solutions utilizing advanced technology for optimal coverage, remote access capabilities, and 24/7 vigilance by highly trained operators

Here’s why you should choose ESS:

  • Extensive Experience: Proven track record in the security industry.
  • 24/7 Vigilance: Around-the-clock monitoring to ensure your property is always under watchful eyes.
  • First Response and Law Enforcement Liaison: Established protocols for acting as first responders and liaising with local law enforcement for swift response in case of an incident.

Places Where CCTV operators  Are Needed:

  • Residential Areas
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Banks
  • Retail Stores
  • Public Spaces
  • Traffic Surveillance
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Parking Lots
  • Corporate Offices
  • Industrial Sites
  • Educational Institutes
  • Entertainment Venues

8. Concierge and Receptionist 
Concierge & receptionist services by ESS Services are helpful for clients in ensuring personalized experience to guests. We provide specialist professionals for making your events disciplined and keeping a wholesome environment for guests and attendees.

Responsibilities of Concierge and Receptionists:

  • Arrangement of transportation services for visitors, guests, and event attendees.
  • Greeting guests and attendees.
  • Answering phone calls
  • Handling general inquiries
  • Helping visitors with travel arrangements & hotel reservations

Places Where Concierge and Receptionists are Needed:

  • High-end Office Buildings
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Event Venues
  • Private Clubs
  • Airport & Cruise Terminals
  • Showrooms